Things To Consider Before Hiring An Google AdWords Manager

What exactly Google AdWords is and How it works


Google AdWords, also known as Google Ad is an advertising service by Google that provides the user to display ads on Websites. The bidding system works on CPC, CPM, and PPC. And this kind of advertising services is now unheard of especially here in New Zealand.


The advertising agencies have to pay for the clicks in order to rank their Google Ads, this is how Google earns money and in return promotes the brand.


In order to successfully run ads on the display, a Google Ad account is required however if you are someone who has multiple Google Ad accounts you will probably need a Google AdWords NZ Manager to save your time.


About Google AdWords Manager and Hiring One


Google Ad Manager is a tool that helps you to easily manage multiple accounts and view records in one single dashboard. 


In AdWords management, it is not possible to take a single approach and use it for all situations.


However, for good quality management of Google AdWords NZ Accounts there are certain things that your AdWords Manager should be certain about so that you get the maximum value from the management fee as well as from advertising spend.


Here are some standards that your AdWords Managers should follow, make sure to review them before making the final agreement.


1: Has Earned a Google Partner Badge 


In order to be a Google Partner the person has to be the best in managing Ad campaigns, research and has to regularly pass exams in order to maintain those skills and knowledge. 


Here is what Google says:


If an individual is really committed and serious in providing the Google Ads services, the question arises why are they not a Google Partner?


To reflect an agency’s commitment to its clients, Google made an introduction of a new level of partner status named “Premier Partner” in the middle of 2016.


  1. Who can understand your business 


The agency has to understand the objectives of your business before running an effective Ad campaign. Some basic knowledge that the agency must-have is:


  • What goal is to be achieved by an ad campaign? (Agency must tell you IF your action plans are unrealistic)


  • Who the target audience is, and at what time are they likely to be online? 


  • What is the location of the audience that is targeted? 


  • What keywords are important for the targeted audience? 


  • What is the budget of the AdWords campaign? 


Most of the google users, especially here in  New Zealand, know about the Ad search campaigns that appear in Google search results. Through AdWords, one can advertise on the Google Display Network, YouTube, or in shopping results.


  1. Discuss how you will measure the results from your campaign


One of the crucial parts in measuring the return of investment is the planning part. Planning on the results that you will get from your Ad campaign.


Plans to measure results: 


  • Set up Google Analytics. This allows you to be updated with the data about Ad traffic performance when it arrives on your website. 


  • Setup Google Analytics Goals if possible as it will help you to keep an eye on actions your web site’s visitors are taking.


  • Setting up the Conversion Tracking for your phone calls and website will be helpful, as it tracks the actions that the visitors take after interacting with your Ads.


  • Find out some other ways which can link business results back to the Ad campaign. 


  1. Takes charge and recommends updates


The AdWords campaign can take time to achieve the desired returns. Meanwhile, you can make small adjustments in your keywords, ad copy, or website to improve the outcome.  


A professional AdWords manager will continuously evaluate the results of the campaign to determine that you are improving the returns. For a new campaign, this is most recommended and important.


5: Keep up the pace with new Ad features 


Google regularly provide updates on AdWords features. Your Ad manager must keep pace with the updates about Google Adwords NZ trends and execute the updated features in your account for your benefits.


6: Provide monthly Adwords performance data to clients


Your Ad manager should provide you monthly reports on the advertisement spend and account performance. According to Google standards, it is compulsory for AdWords service providers to give its clients access to monthly data on clicks and impressions, AdWords cost, etc.


7: Regularly monitors your Ad campaigns 


A good and professional AdWords management keeps a regular check on tweaking CPC bids, adds negative keywords, updates ad copy, monitors the conversion cost & budget and makes other necessary changes while keeping in mind the objective, and goal of the campaign. (That is to improve the returns)