Cattery Auckland


Cattery Auckland Services offer complete cattery services and they provide special care to your cats. Their priority is to provide health and comfort to your cat.

The service provider will take extra care for each and every cat, and they do not follow communal cattery, they only put the cats to exercise together only if they belong to the same family. Otherwise, they will not exercise other cats together.  This process can reduce the risk of getting ill like cat flu, which can easily transfer from one cat to another.  In general, cats like to play on their own as they feel safe when they are alone.  The non-communal services also permit them to take more care of each cat and they can see if your cat has eaten anything or not.

The service providers can also observe if the cat is not feeling well or stressed. The Cattery Auckland is the best cattery that you can expect and feel safe as your cat is in good hands and when you are away, you can relax as they take care of your cat very well. The cattery Auckland offer services at various regions and they maintain single, large leveled cages for senior generations. This special cage allows the older cats to laze around, and they feel like they are at home.

The multi-level and spacious cages are perfect for the younger or more active cats. All cages contain a pet bed, food &water bowl, litter tray and toys will be provided on request, and the cages have plenty of room for the cats to move around easily. The Cattery Auckland has outside grassy runs, covered runs, and conservatory areas, and also they have inside runs that are used to move pets from one place to another during the day. These areas allow the cats to stretch and enjoy the warm weather.

For older cats, they offer a special senior area, which is located in the middle of the cattery for comfort and warmth.  The older cats of age 10 years will stay in this center section as this section can be supervised closely.  If they notice any problem in any cat, they will call their veterinarians who can come immediately and take care of the cat. They will contact you if your cat needs any treatment or it needs any additional diagnostics are needed.

The cattery Auckland is located in the heart of Auckland and they have been providing services for several years.  People love cats and they want to give the best care for their beloved cats. The service provider takes care of your cat as their own and your cat can completely enjoy the holiday too.

At Cattery Auckland, the staff takes care of the cats as their own and offers you a wide range of services for your pet.  They provide the basics, including vaccinations, toys, and food, and also perform complex surgeries, ultrasound procedures, so on and so forth. They provide a high-quality caring and expert services.