Factors To Consider Before And While Buying A House


Buying a house isn’t that big of a deal. You will find that once you are ready the whole process is well organized to ensure a fair deal for both sides. In most places, you will find that it can take around three to four weeks to get a house purchase done fully. A bid is first formally placed and then it is accepted. But the whole purchase process has a lot more steps and it is important that people who are either buying or selling the house familiarize themselves with it.

Find a property

If you want a good place to begin looking for properties, then online is a good place to start. There are plenty of real estate sites, blogs and social media pages which you can check. They come with listings from private vendors apart from real estate agents. But you should also remember that there are some properties which are listed only in the sites of the real estate agents.

A real estate agent

Most of the home sales are done by making use of a real estate agent. Basically, for Auckland real estate, people hire an Auckland real estate agent and so on. But apart from this, you can also get independent advice from a later which is experienced in home buying before you make an offer.

Amount being paid

Know that bargaining over the property is pretty common when purchasing the property. In New Zealand, the property advertisements show either a GV (government valuation), RV (rateable value) or CV (council valuation) figure. These figures refer to the kind of valuation which is being used by the local council to calculate the property rates.

Know the rates

If you are buying a house then you will need to have rates included in the budget. Know that homeowners along with with landlords do pay rates but tenants don’t. Rats are basically a tax, which gets charged by the local council so as to help pay for the services provided by them to the community. Rates do vary from one place to the other, but they are always based on this value of the property. Always check your local council’s website to know more about rates of the area.


You can get home loans from all major banks. You can contact them directly to know more as well. Along with this, you can also work with mortgage brokers who work with a bank. They will forward your request to the bank and help out with your mortgage of course. Make sure that your credit history is sorted because the kind of loan you will get depends on that. Also, ensure that you have a home deposit ready to go because they will be needing that.

Overall, buying a house may seem difficult with all these steps and ways given. Moreover, you will have to contact a lot of people who will help you with the legal and financial matters along the way. But all these processes are generally carried out with ease and without much hassle of all your papers are ready to go.

Guide for the using fire extinguisher in the right way


A fire extinguisher is something very special in our everyday life. It can save thousands of life within a very short tenure. All this has been possible due to the advanced technologies and devices. Most of the big shopping malls and other commercial places keep these types of devices so that fatal accidents can be prevented to some extent. If the extinguisher is applied right at the beginning when there are least chances of accidents. So extinguisher is really a very important item.

The right time to use an extinguisher:

If anyone is trapped in the fire then he will try his best to get rid of that place. First of all, everyone should try to stay calm and cool. It has been observed that the person should first trigger the fire alarm so that the other people can be aware of the situation. Actually, the right time to use the extinguisher is to operate it if a slight smoke is felt or observed. If the extinguisher is applied right from the beginning then the fire cannot spread to a large area.

Tips to use the extinguisher:

Most of the fire experts are well about the different categories of fire. It is very essential to know what type of fire it is. The type of fire mainly depends on what the fire is burning. It is very easy for a fire person to identify the type of fire. It is always best to call the fire person immediately.

Opt for the right type of extinguisher:

If anyone is not aware of the type of fire, then the best option is to read the label that is found on the body of the extinguisher. Once they read it, they will be able to identify it. There are some types of extinguishers that can put off some specific types of fire. If possible, try to gather some basic training from the Fire Equipment Manufacturer’s Association.

Follow the PASS method:

In most of the cases, the extinguisher is mainly based on a simple word and that is PASS. P stands for pull the pin, A stands for aim the nozzle, S stands for squeeze the handle and S stands for sweep from side to side. However, never aim to spray directly on the fire. It can be dangerous and can also help to spread the fire more rapidly. Extinguish the fire until and unless the fire is stopped spreading. However, the PASS method is mainly easy for the five persons, but sometimes it can be understood by the common man.

So there are some simple steps by which an extinguisher can be used very easily by the common man. Although it may appear to be a tough job for many, actually it is a very easy process. Apart from all this, it is equally necessary for people to be aware of the basic things that can be pursued by them. A little cautiousness can prevent people from big damages.