Physiotherapy is translated to physical therapy which is generally for offering treatment to physical ailments of an individual. Physio Mona Vale has a chain of clinics which is located in Northern Sydney, Australia, that specializes in physiotherapy which can ensure the patient a pain-free life. Physiotherapy is a field of treatment where trained and professional physiotherapists give treatment. While some might be sceptical, it is a field in medicine which is backed by research, evidence and extensive practice.

Physio Mona Vale has quite a lot of Physiotherapy clinics within its vicinity, and one such clinic worth mentioning is Holistic Physio Fitness where they have proclaimed that not only do they provide treatment with highly trained and skilled professionals, but a course of other therapies including DEXA. DEXA is abbreviated for Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry and is used to measure the bone density of a person using a little dose of ionizing radiation along with two X-Ray beams aimed at the patient’s bone to provide pictures on what is inside the bone. This, in turn, is helpful in studying the bone mineral density known as BMD which could be vital in delivering prognosis to the patient. This Physio Mona Vale clinic provides this service along with trained DEXA technicians who have received their licenses in operating radiation based machinery.

Besides DEXA, some of the treatments mentioned below are offered in this Physio Mona Vale Clinic:

  1. Physiotherapy: Skilled professionals do not only perform physiotherapy in this clinic, but these professionals have years and years of experience so a patient can expect the maximum and the most effective physical treatment anyone can hope for. In addition to that, the physiotherapists in this clinic promises total convenience and approachability to the patient which I feel is very important to any visiting patient.
  2. Personal Training: this is not gym-based training for an individual, but this is physiology combined with exercise, so that it may help an individual to work on one’s body by building it and also doing so with minimal risk to injury and providing the best exercise. With professional trainers, one can reach the dream of perfectly fit and healthy without hurting the body.
  3. Dietetics/Nutrition: Everyone has different body mechanisms and while training or while undergoing any physiotherapy, it is a must that the physical body should be provided with the necessary supplements. And that is why it only fits that dietetics is offered here. With only professional practitioners giving consultation to anyone who is concerned for one’s well- being and health or whether if a person is trying to lose weight or gain weight, you can be assured that this Physio Mona Vale offers the best services.
  4. Group Training: With life taking its toll, taking care of one’s physical health and fitness can be difficult, and most of the time we skip the whole process. With Holistic Physio Fitness, one can find the motivation and drive to concentrate on one’s well being with a group of like-minded people who wants to do the same as well. Group training can help a person keep track of the exercises while garnering to an individual’s needs as well.

Along with all the attractive packages offered by this Physio Mona Vale clinic, it is affordable where one can find one according to his/her needs.