Know Apple’s secret tools to repair iPhone


Have you ever wondered how do experts at Apple Company repair your iPhone? What kind of tools do they have and are unaware to the third-party technicians? They have an intact and confidential iPhone repair strategy.

The overall designing of Apple’s iPhone is complex. Hence, technicians find it cumbersome to repair. Apple has been training its employees for iPhone repair without causing any trouble to the iPhone users. The employees are trained to use specific tools for iPhone repair.

In case your iPhone handset gets damaged, you will definitely contact AppleCare, Apple Retail Centre or a third-party vendor. But you are interested not only in using iPhone but also in repairing it. You love to study how iPhone works and what does it exactly take to repair an iPhone. If you are curious to know Apple’s secret tools for repairing iPhone, then here are few of them. We are not able to provide you with the entire list of repairing tools of Apple due to confidentiality and privacy concerns.

Let us gain some knowledge by understanding few Apple’s secret tools for repairing our iPhones.

Universal Display Removal Fixture

Apple has introduced a simple, quicker and reasonable way of accessing the interior parts of an iPhone. During the opening process, the other parts of the iPhone are not subject to any kind of risk. This is the special characteristic of Universal Display Removal Fixture.

Battery Removal Mechanism

The third-party vendors use a different method for opening up the battery. This can cause severe damage to the interior parts of the iPhone. But Apple applies quite a delicate approach to lifting the battery out of the phone. For instance, the adhesive should be cut using scissors. You need to have a lot of patience while performing this task. Pull the adhesive strip along with the battery lightly without applying much pressure on it. When the adhesive goes away, you can use a black stick to pull the batter by gently lifting it up.

SIM Ejector Tool

SIM Ejector is an important part of your iPhone. Apple performs this iPhone repair task in a simple manner. It uses tweezers to fix your SIM Ejector. This procedure does not require much time and also, does not need any complicated tool.

iPhone Battery Fixture

Now, when you have replaced and inserted a new battery in your iPhone device, you need to fix it in the same way like it was before. Correct. You have to use adhesive strips for this purpose. Apple uses a robust device known as iPhone battery fixture for applying the right level of pressure on the battery and the adhesive strips. The adhesive should be placed at the right place with the right level of pressure.

Thus, if you want to try your hands in the complicated task of iPhone repair, these are few simple solutions for the same. If you are using any other stick to lift the battery, then remember you have to use the black stick. It will be a great job if you can repair your iPhone all by yourself.

Managed IT Security Services Auckland


Managing Information Technology (IT) Security is a challenging and complex service as it is a crucial service requirement for any company or organization.  It is also important to have a reliable IT security service support for your company. These services can help your company away from vulnerabilities and threats that are considered as a significant part of your business. The cyber-crime occurrence has grown largely over recent time, and the severity of the threats can cause the traditional protection methods not supportive. The cyber-crimes, including malware, bugs, and viruses, and all these are prevailing than before, and most companies are not prepared enough to take control of these dangerous threats or penalty.

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Precautionary Maintenance: The service provider provides maintenance on a regular basis. In case, the hard drive has less space, for instance, the service provider provides an automated process that can fix the problem before the issue issued to their help desk. They use an advanced system to make sure that your IT management is safe and smooth.

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