Trailer Brakes


Trailer Brakes is a brake controller is usually considered as an installed module or device or OEM.  It is fixed to the tow vehicles on the driver’s side dashboard region and connects the electrical braking system of the trailer. The connection is in proportion to the brake engagement when coming to a halt or slowing down. A trailer brake controller is not required with a TSB (Trailer Surge Braking) system if not using modern electric instead of Hydraulic devices. The trailer brakes are either electric-hydraulic brake actuators or electric friction brakes.

Generally, the brake controllers will have a -/+ expand/gain adjustments.  The operator of the tow vehicle will set the gain as elevated as possible, without locking up the trailer brakes and made a few test stops.  The gain adjustment depends on the weight of the trailer, and hence less possibility of wheel lockup

A large range of trailers will have trailer brakes, for instance, horse trailers, larger boat trailers, enclosed trailers, enclosed utility trailers, travel trailer like car carriers, longer and smaller tent trailers.  It is important to remember that if the trailer weight is about a couple thousand pounds, then trailer must have some braking system, and the tow vehicle must have a brake controller.

Types of Trailer Brakes:

You can find various types of trailer brake controllers that are available on the market. boat trailers for sale Auckland
Air-actuated electric brake controller: It uses the air-pressure brake structure on a tow truck with air brakes and runs through current to control the trailer’s electric brakes.

Hydraulic over an electric controller: This brake controller uses the hydraulic pressure brake system on a vehicle that contains hydraulic brakes and gives a current to regulate the trailer’s electric brake system. Some vehicle manufacturers like Ford prefers OEM

PMPP (Pedal-mounted pad proportional) controller:  A sensor is fixed separately on the brake pedal to attach the controller.

PBC (Proportional Brake Controller): Senses slow down the vehicle using a pendulum or same type of device to pertain a proper current for trailer braking.

Surge brake: The trailer shoves against the actuator when the tow vehicle slows down as it applies force to its main cylinder and the hydraulic pressured in transmitted to the brakes.

Time-delayed brake controller:  It applies the brake current with an access over time to a particular level set by the trailer operator.

Testing TBM (Trailer Brake Magnets) for Proper Function:


You have to perform four different tests to check the brake magnets on the trailer. You should do the first test to use a multimeter and check the trailer braking system amperage. The brake magnet in the trailer will show amperage from the brake controller located on the output voltage propelled by the brake controller.  Doing this brake magnet test allows you to understand if the magnets are working properly or if it needs any further test.

If further testing is needed, then you can test the each brake magnets for suitable amperage. Test every magnet for a while and test the resistance of magnets. Also, perform other tests if needed.



Plumber North Shore

Plumber North Shore has been delivering outstanding services at the North Shore residential and commercial area for several years now.  The Plumbers North Shores is one of the best services that you can get at the heart of Sydney, and it is also one of the leading service providers that offer professional plumbers to take care of gas fitting and plumbing services all over the North Shore.

The plumbers at North Shore are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to provide efficient plumbing services to the residents of North Shore. The professional plumber North Shore ensures their customers that the plumbing issues will be resolved on time and in one visit.  Their trucks are loaded with efficient equipment that helps them solve emergency plumbing problems efficiently.  The Plumber North Shore goal is to provide satisfied services to their customers and provide quick and long-lasting plumbing solutions.  They provide gas and plumbing services and meet the standards of the Sydney.

The Plumber North Shore provides services to all the types of business, including small, medium, and big business. Also, they are famous in North Shore as they provide outstanding customer service from the beginning to the finishing of the job.  They make sure that their customers are well informed as they outline the details of the job and update the work that needs to carry out.

The Plumber North Shore is popular as it offers efficient residential and commercial plumbing services at a very affordable price. You can also ask for the price quote so that you can compare the prices with other service providers and choose the best plumbing services for your plumbing needs. The service provider will reach at your doorstep once you call them and they can solve even the most complex plumbing problem in a very efficient way.  They offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services all around the North Shore.

The Plumber North Shore Services Include:

  • Blocked Drain Plumbing
  • General Maintenance Plumbing
  • Pin-Point-Pipe Locating
  • Broken pipes/lines
  • Tap and toilet repairs
  • Gas Installation and repairs
  • Certified Backflow PT&I (Prevention Testing and Installation)
  • Pipe Relining

The plumber North Shore servicing and installation heaters and hot water systems also offer several types of gas and electric hot water heater services.  The service also provides water meter setups, and gas and water leak detection.

If you are looking for a reliable plumber, then reaching Plumber North Shore is the best option as they provide quick, reliable and efficient solutions for all plumbing problems. You can find a professional plumber who are certified and experts in their field of work. The plumbers are trained efficiently to carry out the work quickly.


Emergency Plumbing North Shore services offers modern plumbing solutions and offer around the clock emergency plumbing services to the residents of North Shore.  The emergency can occur at any time since they are always ready with the vehicles equipped with the latest tools, which can help them to resolve the plumbing issues immediately.


Mechanisms of Towbars in South Auckland.


The Auckland is a place which is famous for their heavy mechanism and trailer vehicle manufacturing. The basic module used around the city is custom trailers and Towbars accessories. As the trailers are used for the purpose of carrying heavy vehicles around the city safety and steadily. Moreover, these Towbars provide them additional support in terms of providing the connection.

Mechanism of Towbars South Auckland.

  • A Towbar is a bar which is fitted to the back of the car.
  • The main design of the Towbar seems as a plain bar.
  • The popular designs of the Towbars in Auckland are mentioned and framed as Towbars South Auckland.
  • It acts as a latch or connection between two vehicles which supposed to be carried around.
  • It majorly supports trailer trucks and provides a ground base for the attachment.

The installation of Towbars.

The Towbar installation process requires expert hands. And people who managed to be one of the Towbar installation experts are working in the business for the past 25 years. The Towbars South Auckland, are the major manufacturers of trailer trucks and all sorts of the Towbar accessories installation providers in the business.

  • Experience

The expert handling, installation process of Towbars south Auckland is one of the best in the industry. These experienced workers provide their skill and talents for the installation of different types of Towbars for the different modules of Trailer trucks. Moreover, prior to the experience of the Towbar installers, it provides services in terms of their attached commodities and materials.


  • Quality

The major benefits of installing these Towbars South Auckland that they deliver a lifetime guaranty of their products and services. Any type of trailer trucks will be fixed with the help of these Towbars without any limitations. Moreover, the quality of the Towbars is designated on the basis of their manufacturing process.


  • Install at your own place.

Commonly, most of cars any accessories related to the car need to be fixed at their own designated showrooms. However, these Towbars South Auckland provides services which deliver home installation services. Where in which the installation expert goes to a customer’s place and fix their Towbars to their trailer trucks.


  • Time saver.

As compared to the rest of the automobiles or cars, these Towbars deliver services without wasting much time. The Auckland Towabrs are installed at the convenience of their customer. Additionally, all these services delivered by the Towbar South Auckland reduce wastage of the unwanted time period.


  • Towbar Accessories.

At the time of Towbar installation the profession installer provided additional details about the needed Towbar Accessories. There are five main Towbar accessories available in the market, which is attached during the time installation. And they are Towballs, ConvertaBalls, Bumper Guards, Shin Guards and Crome Covers.

These Towbars also provided additional beneficial elements at the time the installation process. It is a common accessory required to support a trailer truck. Moreover, all the Towbar installers are professional Towbar installation experts in the field.

Buying used pallet racking systems


Planning to start a new warehouse or a manufacturing unit? Well, obviously, you will have to store and manage hundreds of items or products every day. Though you will be hiring help to assist you to manage and run your warehouse or production unit, you have to ensure that work can go on efficiently and no time is wasted. With hundreds, or maybe, thousands of products/items to be handled daily, how would you achieve that?

The simple answer is with pallet racking Auckland. Pallet racking systems are specially designed to meet industrial and commercial needs and you need to get them at the earliest to ensure that everything is organized and work can go on as smoothly as possible. However, buying pallet racking systems isn’t a matter of a few dollars only. It would cost you several hundred dollars to buy pallets and racks and to get them operative. The more you want to store, the more will be your expenditure.

If you aren’t in a position to spend quite a good amount of money on racks and yet need them for your venture, then you can resort to buying used pallet racking Auckland. Yes, used racks and pallets can serve you exactly like the new ones would do and also offer you additional benefits like below:

  • First, you can afford the racks at a much lower cost than would be possible if you were buying new ones. The cost is usually half or even less of the actual price and you do understand how big you can save by going for used pallet racks.
  • Another advantage that you get by buying used pallet racks is lower transportation costs. If you buy from a very local source of used items or from someone who is willing to sell on their own, then you do not need to pay for spinning and other transportation costs.
  • Buying used items also gives you benefits in tax returns. The tax deducted for buying new items of a particular value is significantly lower than that for buying used ones. Naturally, you get to save more money.

However, when buying pallet racking Auckland, it is important that you thoroughly check what you are buying. The type of rack must serve your needs properly. Also, they must come from a certified and reputable manufacturer. This will guarantee that you get good quality products. The present condition of the racks needs to be considered too. They need to be strong and sturdy; else they will fail in serving you well.

If you are buying from a used items supplier, ask about whether they have got the items inspected for any kind of damage or breakage. Also, it would be better to choose items that carry a warranty offered by the supplier. If you are buying from a lone seller, try to hire an expert and get the items thoroughly inspected. You will be able to save later worries. Once you are certain about the condition and quality of the items, you can go forward with the deal.

Can Medical Marijuana be used for the treatment of Meth Addiction?


By definition, addiction is nothing but a mental and physical dependence formed over a particular thing. If you are addicted to something, getting over it is really tough. But, if you are addicted to meth, then it will be the toughest of them all. Because of this particular reason, people all over the world are looking for an easier solution. Until now there hasn’t been any such solution to the meth addiction. That being said, there is a controversy about the solution which might be a good solution after all: the use of marijuana.

Can you actually use marijuana to cure the addiction?

If you are found positive in meth testing, the first and foremost thing you need is detoxification. During this time, you will have to refrain yourself from taking meth and again and this is only to get detoxicated sooner.

But this procedure is not a piece of cake really. There will be withdrawal symptoms, increased appetite, sleeping problems, fatigue, anxiety, sweating, depression and much more. All these will lead to one and only outcome: craving for the meth which should be far away from you.

To have some sort of relief from all of these symptoms, you can use the medical marijuana. There are plenty of benefits you can have from this, at least according to the professionals there are benefits. Yes! The medical professionals have already proven the fact that medical marijuana can give you relief from depression and anxiety and any sort of stress. It can make you relax and therefore be helping you to have more control over yourself and your mind. It can also help you to sleep a lot better. And your meth testing results will be gradually improving as well.

Marijuana can also stop the craving of meth eventually as well. All these benefits can be very much intriguing for you start using the medical marijuana right now but, before you use the medication, you need to understand one thing, there is no proof of the fact that it will work and also this is not a magic medication. It can only help you in your curing procedure that is all.

Problems if you consume marijuana to cure the addiction

Yes! There are problems of using the marijuana. One of them is completely mental and based on a common theory. People tend to think that, the meth addiction will be reduced but if they consume marijuana they will have the addiction of marijuana over the time.

Even though the addiction level of marijuana is really low, but to get rid of one drug you must not take another drug which can be addictive in the same way. This is why many experts will ask you to forget all these and try to work the hard way around the addiction issues. Yes! Marijuana can be a great substitute to the meth addiction but the meth testing result of consuming marijuana regularly will vary from person to person.

Also, taking marijuana for the longer period of time might force you to get addicted to the other type of drugs as well. Because many researchers have shown that the addiction starts from the marijuana actually and then people starts to try out different drugs. But then again, there are people who have used marijuana to get rid of addiction from meth and have successfully done so.

Should you use it then?

As you can see, there are benefits of using the marijuana, but there might be problems as well. There are two options for you actually if you are caught positive in meth testing. One is to consult your expert about this kind of special therapy and two, if you are confident enough to control yourself, just get going with it and the result must be good.

What to expect from on page SEO services Auckland?


If you are looking for SEO services Auckland, then you must have surely come across several terms related to SEO services, one of them being on page SEO. If you are totally new to the domain, you may feel a little confused between on page and off page SEO and why are they needed at all. Though off page SEO is a service that is commonly offered by all SEO agencies across the world, yet on page SEO mustn’t be neglected at all if you really want to make headway in the search engine results.

What is On-page SEO?

Just like charity begins at home, SEO starts with on-page SEO. As the name suggests, the technique involves the optimization of the website/blog itself that you are looking to rank in the search results. Unlike off page SEO, on page totally concentrates on making the website easy to be crawled by the search engine crawlers as well as convenient for visitors. This is done by following some simple yet important steps that improve the overall quality of the website or blog.

What is included in on-page SEO services Auckland?

Efficient SEO services will generally include the following techniques or steps:

Content optimization – The very first step of on page SEO is the optimization of the content displayed on the various pages of the website or blog. The content must be relevant, useful, plagiarism free and must include a healthy percentage of the keywords that you want to target. The content must be such that it is useful to the visitors and at the same time help the search engines determine the relevancy of the website.

Url optimization – The URLs or links to all the pages of your website or blog must be optimized to indicate exactly what the page is all about. So, at the very start SEO services Auckland analyze the website to look out for irrelevant URLs and change the same. This will not only help the crawlers in identifying the purpose of each page but will also attract the attention of the visitors.

Meta tags and meta description – If you want the search engines to understand what your website’s pages are all about, the easiest way to do is to include proper and optimized meta tags and description to each page that the website has. The meta description will give a brief info about the content to the visitors while the tags will indicate the relevance of your website’s pages to the searches made.

Image optimization – Whether you run a blog or website, make sure that all images included carry proper titles, tags, descriptions, etc. This will ensure that the images get displayed properly in the search results.

Remove link rot – A website with several broken links is all set for doom. Naturally, SEO services Auckland make it a point to remove all broken links from a particular site or blog as a means to get better results with SEO.

Create a sitemap – A website’s sitemap is meant entirely for search engines. The map will help the crawlers to navigate your website and index all the pages properly.

Charm bracelets – not just jewelry, but much more!


Wearing jewellery has been a part and parcel of human history. For thousands of years, men and women have taken to wearing jewellery. From the early crude forms made of wood, bones, etc. to the dazzling modern versions intricately hand-crafted and machine crafted – jewellery is an integral part of style and fashion. And not only on special occasions, jewellery can be worn any day, anytime and even at home. And they aren’t worn only for looking beautiful. They can be worn as symbols of attachment, memories, fondness and general liking as well.

And one such common piece of jewellery is the charm bracelets. These bracelets have had their origin in civilisations of the past and generally, were worn to ward off supernatural phenomenon or unfriendly forces. However, with time the use of these charm bracelets changed quite a lot and they became a more significant part of the jewellery collection. Not only are they worn as a measure to keep unfriendly forces at bay, but they have also become a type of keepsake, memento, milestone, etc.

Significance of charm bracelets

Though these bracelets have been known to mankind for centuries, a new meaning was added to them when people started using them for commemorating important events of life. Such bracelets are often known as starter bracelets and often charms are added as new events occur or milestones are reached.

For example, a couple may gift each other charm bracelets with cute charms that indicate important and significant events in their life together, like the first date, first anniversary, first rain dance, first candlelight dinner, the day they proposed and so on. Likewise, a mother may wear a bracelet with charms like pacifiers, booties, teddies, etc. marking different important events after the birth of her child.

Moreover, couples can wear bracelets with similar charms that would speak of their love. One can also wear bracelets that identify their faith, religion, favourite leaders, icons, etc. The charms could also be symbols of things that they like/love strongly like a cartoon or animation faces, special designs or symbols, numerals, letters, etc.

Naturally, charm bracelets aren’t the usual stone studded bracelets that you find in the market. They aren’t just another piece of jewellery that one wears just for style and fashion. They are much more than that. They are bitter-sweet memories – mementoes that people would love to hold on to at any moment of their life.

Charm bracelets in daily life

Modern fashion has taken these bracelets to a whole new level. Aside from being keepsakes that people are so fondly attached to, there are charm bracelets that are solely meant to be a totally new addition to the style statement. A person may way a charms bracelet just because he/she finds it cute or beautiful and the charms may not carry any special meaning. In fact, charms bracelets have become so popular that manufacturers have started making simple, yet beautiful charms that may not have any special meaning, but would be worn solely because they enhance the style statement of the wearer.

What to consider before enrolling for home staging courses?


If you have decided on taking up home staging as a career or business option, then opting for home staging courses must be on your mind as well. Well, it isn’t a bad idea, especially because it builds a strong foundation for the job ahead. But before you opt for any particular course, here are a few things that need consideration:

The quality of the teacher – Whether you want to opt for online home staging courses or regular classes at an institute, the first thing that you must consider is what kind of instructor you would get. Does the institute have highly qualified instructors who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of home staging or are they obscure names that no one has ever heard of? Even if you are willing to enrol for an online course, check out who has designed and developed the course and if he/she has got good credentials to his/her name. This is important because the better your teacher is, the better can you learn.

Course qualityHome staging courses are meant to improve your skills and make you industry ready for the job. So, before enrolling for a course it is important to find out how good the course curriculum is. Will the course provide vital knowledge and guidance about everything that you would need to start your career or build your business? Is it good for newbies or pros only? Does it offer any firsthand experience at home staging? Are there interactive sessions with market experts? And so on. Once you have the answer to these questions, your choice of the course will become much easier.

Course timing – If you are planning to attend classes, then the timing would be a vital point to consider. Make sure that the timing suits you a 100% and you do not have to hamper your present job or studies because of it. Even if you are enrolling for home staging courses online, make sure that the lessons are available whenever you want to study them and aren’t time zone specific. Time zone specific courses can be a botheration and hamper your daily routine. So, try to avoid such courses unless you simply have no other option.

Fees – The next most important factor to consider is whether the fee for the course is affordable or not. Just because of an institute or course charges exorbitantly, it isn’t essentially the best out there. You need to compare the fee structure of several institutes and courses and find out an institute that offers quality education and training but for a reasonable fee and plans to enrol there only.

Consultation – Your learning process doesn’t end with the completion of the course. In fact, it is just the beginning. So, it would be better if you can find home staging courses where you can find help and guidance even after course completion. This will help solve any queries that you may have while trying out real life projects and you wouldn’t need to find someone else to answer your queries and doubts.



After a long silence, we’re back with a strictly limited season of shows!

23 July – Hamilton – Altitude – Down The Rabbit Hole
30 July – Auckland – Kings Arms Tavern
20 August – New Plymouth – Mayfair – Brutalitees Birthday Bash
10 September – Auckland – Kings Arms Tavern
17 September – Christchurch – Churchills Live

The tour will finish with a farewell celebration in Christchurch to bring 2 decades of Cripple Mr Onion to a close – there may not be another CMO show after this so don’t miss out, if you’ve never seen us before this is your only chance!

Event details and ticketing information coming soon, spread the word…

• Wellington show – March 8 2013

Cripple Mr Onion, Blindfolded And Led To The Woods, Ovus, Farming The Population
Bodega – Wellington
CRIPPLE MR ONION return to Wellington to perform one show at BODEGA.

$10 entry, first band at 10pm.

With support from:



Check out the Facebook event, and invite all your friends!

• Kings Arms with El Schlong and guests

Dec 29 2012 at Kings Arms
Avant-metal troubadours El Schlong return home to NZ for 4 summer shows and are joined in Auckland by old chums Cripple Mr Onion and guests Resporn and Shepherds Of Cassini.

$10 entry, doors at 8pm, first band at 9pm sharp.

-poster- El Schlong – Avant-garde metal
Video clip –
Resporn – Progressive/alternative/metal
Video clip – href=”

Shepherds of Cassini – Psychedelic space-prog, cosmic folk-metal, post-post-rock
Check out the Facebook event, and invite all your friends!

Venue: Kings Arms Tavern –, 59 France Street South, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand
Date: Saturday December 29, 2012
Time: Doors 8pm
Entry: R18, $10 door sales

• Kings Arms with Mothra and Cobra Khan

We’re stoked to be playing with Mothra and Cobra Khan, it’s been a long time coming..!
The Kings Arms Tavern presents Cobra Khan, Mothra, and Cripple Mr Onion, Fri Aug 24th

-poster- Instrumental progressive rock/metal act MOTHRA have just released a debut music video for ‘The Beginning’ with another video clip and debut recording in progress:

Undoubtedly one of NZ’s solidest and hardest hitting punk/metal acts, Auckland 5 piece COBRA KHAN need little introduction. Be sure to check out their latest release ADVERSITIES:
Check out the Facebook event, and invite anyone you know who enjoys a good mosh!

Running order will be:

Mothra, Cobra Khan, Cripple Mr Onion

Venue: Kings Arms Tavern –, 59 France Street South, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand
Date: Friday August 24, 2012
Time: Doors 8:30pm
Entry: R18, limited $9 presales from Under The Radar or $15 at the door
• Coda Lounge, New Lynn, Akld – May 26

Cripple Mr Onion will next be playing at the Coda Lounge on MAY 26, 2012 at the third annual Rock Out West – here’s the lineup:
Cripple Mr Onion
Jealous Itch
World War Four
The Rascal Kings

Venue: Coda Lounge, Unit 2/20 Portage Rd, New Lynn, Auckland
Date: Saturday 26th May, 2012
Time: Doors 6pm
Entry: R18, Tickets $20

For ticket availability please check or see the Facebook event page

• Kings Arms, Akld – April 5

Kick off the long weekend with a great mix of bands at the Kings Arms, brought to you by Neon Gigs and Events. Check out this lineup:
Cripple Mr Onion
Fictional Response

Venue: Kings Arms Tavern –, 59 France Street South, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand
Date: Thursday April 5, 2012
Time: Doors 7pm
Entry: R18, $10 at the door
Facebook event






This message from RW Entertainment:
It is with deep regret that RW Entertainment must announce that LAMB OF GOD have been forced to withdraw from their scheduled appearance at Studio in Auckland on Wednesday March 7th due to a domestic emergency affecting the band. The band and their management have issued their own concise cancellation statement, as follows:

“Lamb of God have been forced to cancel their shows scheduled for March 7th in Auckland, New Zealand and March 9th in Anchorage, Alaska, due to a medical emergency regarding a family member. The band intends to make up both shows during the Resolution tour cycle.”

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and UNEARTH will now perform a co-headlining substitute show at the same venue, with support from original Lamb of God local openers CRIPPLE MR ONION, and scheduled afterparty acts STATE OF INTEGRITY and IN DREAD RESPONSE. Both The Black Dahlia Murder and Unearth will perform extended sets to compensate for the absence of Lamb of God. Doors for this show will open at 7pm, as per the Lamb of God show and entry will again be restricted to those aged 18 and over. Entry to the substitute show is valid for any original Lamb of God ticket-holder. There will also be door sales available to the substitute show.

All ticket holders will receive an automatic $30 refund on their original ticket. Anyone requesting a full refund must do so by midday on Sunday March 11th and cannot use their ticket to attend the substitute show. Refunds will not be processed any earlier than Monday March 12th. Any questions regarding refunds can be directed to

The scheduled signing and meet and greet sessions for Lamb of God have also been cancelled, although winners of the various competitions promoted by RW Entertainment and their media partners will still have their CD prize packs honoured and sent out.

Everyone involved in the RW Entertainment family is beyond devastated that this has happened at the eleventh hour, with such a small amount of notice. Our deepest sympathies are with Lamb of God at this, their time of need. We hope to see as many of you as possible turn out in big numbers to support The Black Dahlia Murder and Unearth, who always deliver live shows of unparalleled intensity, and will no doubt do a fine job of making up for Lamb of God’s late withdrawal.

While this situation was no-one’s fault, and simply one of those unfortunate turns in life that catches everyone off-guard, RW Entertainment would sincerely like to extend their deepest apologies to the many fans who had bought tickets (a lot of tickets!) to the show and who have shown such massive support and excitement during the whole time leading up to it. In particular, we want to acknowledge those people who were due to travel from out of town for this show. We know how great an inconvenience this must be, and can only hope that the substitute show we have managed to pull together slakes everyone’s thirst for pure American heavy metal until such time as Lamb of God and ourselves work again.
We hope to see all original ticket holders there, and NOW THERE ARE DOOR SALES, let’s get behind this everyone, and make our visiting bands feel welcome!
• LAMB OF GOD – Studio, Akld – March 7

Wednesday March 7, 2012 – RW ENTERTAINMENT and THE METAL BAR present


and our very own CRIPPLE MR ONION opening the night, so get down there early!

WEDNESDAY MARCH 7th 2012, 7pm, R18

Tickets are available from and Real Groovy
• Coda Lounge, New Lynn, Akld – Feb 4

It’s a holiday weekend folks, and Cripple are playing at the Coda Lounge, head along and make this your Saturday night!
Brought to you by Deadlights Entertainment:
Cripple Mr Onion

Venue: Coda Lounge, Unit 2/20 Portage Rd, New Lynn, Auckland
Date: Saturday 4th February, 2012
Time: Doors 7pm
Entry: R18, $10 at the door
• Big Day After @ Kings Arms, Jan 21

Saturday, January 21 2012 – Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland
With nowhere near enough Metal/Rock at the Big Day Out, come to the BIG DAY AFTER!
It’s Sinate’s 3rd album release gig too, check out this lineup:

Dawn Of Azazel
Cripple Mr Onion
Just One Fix
Invasion Of Piracy

The after party will be announced on the night, also it’s Matt Sheppards birthday at midnight.

Where: Kings Arms Tavern –, 59 France Street South, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand
When: Saturday, January 21 2012, 7:30pm till 2am
Entry: R18, $15 door charge
Facebook event

• November Shows: Auckland and Wellington

It’s nearly summer and we’re kicking the holiday season off early with a couple of shows before the heat kicks in:
Saturday, November 19 2011 – The Bacco Room, 53 Nelson Street (under Totos restaurant), Auckland, New Zealand
Heathen Eyes
and introducing

Time: 9pm
Entry: R18, $10 door charge
Facebook event

Saturday, November 26 2011 – Bar Medusa, 154 Vivian St, Wellington
Golias (Akld)

Time: 9pm
Entry: R18, $10 door charge
Facebook event


• Kings Arms Sept 2 – supporting Eminence (Brazil)


For the first time in New Zealand; Rare Breed Records and Ramrod Media are Proud to present: EMINENCE from Brazil.

Over the past 16 years Eminence have established themselves as one of Brazil’s Biggest Metal Bands, touring in Support of Motorhead, Mercyful Fate, Sepultura and King Diamond to name a few as well as playing many festivals and extensively touring throughout Europe.

Check out the event listing on Facebook for further details, or head straight to to pick up tickets now!
Here’s a message from Eminence:

Where: Kings Arms Tavern –, 59 France Street South, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand
When: 8pm till late, Saturday September 3, 2011
Entry: R18, Presales $20 from

View other dates on the tour here:

• August show – Rising From The Rubble at The K.A.

The Kiwi Metal Bar and Deadboy Records proudly bring you:
The “RISING FROM THE RUBBLE”- Album launch party

“Rising From The Rubble” is the long awaited 2 disk, Kiwi hard rock and metal compilation album being released through Deadboy records.

All proceeds from the compilation are going to the Christchurch Red Cross to help support those in Christchurch who are still being affected by the February earthquake.

To celebrate the release of the compilation we are putting on a show at the kings arms on Friday August 12.


DECIMATOR (members of in dread response & snakes of iron)

RISING FROM THE RUBBLE – Available August 22 from all leading retailers!

Where: Kings Arms Tavern –, 59 France Street South, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand
When: 8pm till late, Friday August 12, 2011
Entry: R18, $10 door sales, all profits from the show and compilation go to Christchurch Red Cross
• July shows, 2nd Rotorua, 15th Auckland

The Show for Shoki
Saturday July 2, 2011 – After Dark, Rotorua
Come along to celebrate the life and memory of our departed brother, the late great Shoki Kamishima! It’s just past a year since he left this existence and our boy Shoki had a well-developed skill at collecting friends so there will be a lot of people thinking about him right now, if you’re in the area and can make it along it would be really great to see you there for a drink, mosh and a few laughs

Cripple Mr Onion
Slipping Tongue (original lineup)
Barracks (ex acalmbefore)
Kid Cynical

Where: After Dark Rotorua, 1237 Pukuatua Street, Rotorua, New Zealand
When: 8:30pm Saturday July 2, 2011
Entry: R18, $5 at the door.


Resporn “Divisionary” Album Release Show
Friday July 15, 2011 – Kings Arms, Auckland

Resporn are releasing their new album “Divisionary”, and they’ve asked us to come along and play after them so they can get down to celebrating after their set – come early so you don’t miss two other great bands!

Cripple Mr Onion

Where: Kings Arms Tavern –, 59 France Street South, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand
When: 9pm till late, Friday July 15, 2011
Entry: R18, $10 door sales

• Saturday June 4, 2011 – Galatos

Here’s a good way to warm up the start of winter – four solid bands at Galatos on June 4th:
Cripple Mr Onion
Heathen Eyes

Where: Galatos, 17 Galatos St, Auckland, NZ
When: Doors 8pm Saturday 4 June 2011
Entry: R18, $10 waged, $5 with student ID.

We’ll be playing down in Rotorua in a few weeks too, July 2 with Kid Cynical, Devilskin, Barraks (ex acalmbefore) and Slipping Tongue – both gigs are in honour of our lost brother Shoki Kamishima who left this world a year ago in June, we’re looking forward to sharing a few drinks, laughs and memories with you all…

• 14-05-11 Metal for Christchurch at Zeal

It’s been a couple of months since the big shake-up hit our hometown Christchurch and we’ve been hanging out for the chance to do our bit to help out so here it finally is, “Metal For Christchurch” on Saturday May 14 at Zeal.
This is a festival-style show so there’s plenty of music for your money, and all bands are playing for the cause – all proceeds go to the Christchurch Relief Fund.

Check out this great lineup:

Cripple Mr Onion
Shards Of Sky
Dead Teach The Living
Heathen Eyes
Edge Of Fury
Jurassic Penguin
Dead Ends
Deserters Will Be Shot
These Streets Are Ours
Of Tales Untold

Now it’s pretty rare to see Cripple Mr Onion at an all ages show, and for those who haven’t been able to see a show before it’s definitely not something to miss if you can help it – we’ll be on sometime between 9:30 and 10pm preceded by a total feast of sound from our friends and associates, so come one and all for a faceful of the heavy massive!

Where: Zeal, 20 Alderman Drive, Henderson, Auckland
When: 2pm – 11pm Saturday 14 May 2011
Entry: $10, All Ages.
All proceeds go to the Christchurch Relief Fund

• 19-02-11 Tattoo Expo Afterparty, Hamilton

Ok we’re amped for this one, been keen for a gig with Devilskin for ages now, plus it’s Andy’s birthday: The official after-party for the NZ International Tattoo & Art Expo

+ another tbc

When: Saturday 19th Feb, 8:30pm – 1:30am
When: Axces Bar, 28 Alexandra St, Hamilton
Entry: R18, $10 on the door, Free entry with Tattoo Expo Artist Pass

And the event itself:
NZ International Tattoo & Art Expo
Claudelands Event Centre Hamilton Feb 19 and 20.
Devilskin on Facebook

• 08-01-11 Gig w Our Last Enemy from Aussie

OUR LAST ENEMY NZ Album Release Tour


Jan 7th: Medusa Bar, Wellington
with Darklight Corporation and No Love Lost
Jan 8th: Kings Arms, Auckland
with Darklight Corporation, Cripple Mr Onion and Burn the Scripture

These guys have an extensive background and are keen to come jump over and check out what NZ has to offer. On Tour with Darklight Corporation these bands are sure to take you down an experience you’ll be telling your therapist about for years…

Get in Early to the Auckland Event for a BBQ & Massive Merch Sale!

After extensive touring for the last 3 years, the band is ready to release the long awaited debut album ‘FALLEN EMPIRES’ (Riot! Entertainment / Warner Music). The tour has ventured all over Australia now heading to New Zealand before hitting Japan.

After a big year in ‘09 including support slots for STATIC X, DOPE and HANZEL UND GRETYL, signing with Australia’s biggest metal label RIOT! ENTERTAINMENT/WARNER MUSIC and moving to LA to record the album with Christian Olde Wolbers (Fear Factory) 2010 has been to be even bigger.

Our Last Enemy now features new members BIZZ from legendary cult Florida industrial metal band GENITORTURES on guitar and new keyboardist CRAIG. With a new lineup that raises the bands profile to a truly international level, the stage is set for a huge tour. Recently playing an opening slot for FOZZY (USA) in Australia the boys are ready to unleash their power throughout New Zealand.

..On Tour with…


BURN the SCRiPTURE – Auckland

• 2010 Nov Tour: Wellington, Chch, New Plymouth

Cripple Mr Onion are bringing it back to Wellington, Christchurch and New Plymouth in November, spread the word!
Friday, November 5 2010 – Bar Medusa, 154 Vivian St, Wellington
with Zerstiren and guests.
Time: 8:30pm
Entry: R18, $5 door charge
Facebook event

Thursday, November 11 – Al’s Bar, 31 Dundas St, Christchurch
with Zerstiren and Chasm
Time: 8:30pm
Entry: R18, $5 door charge
Facebook event

Friday, November 26 – Basement Bar, cnr. Devon St West & Egmont St, New Plymouth
with Dead Teach the Living, Dormitabo & Amachine
Time: 8:00pm
Entry: R18, $10 door charge
Facebook event


• August gig news:

Following a couple of months of winter hibernation and songwriting, Cripple have a couple of shows to announce:
Friday August 20, 2010 at the Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland
supporting American goth/death rock legends Christian Death

Saturday August 21, 2010 at the Dogs Bollix, Auckland
with friends El Schlong and Resporn

CHRISTIAN DEATH (USA) Necro Sexual Tour 2010
w/ Cripple Mr.Onion, Creeping, Black Tuesday and DJ Magdalene (R18)

“Christian Death take a relentlessly confrontational stand against organized religion and conventional morality, with an appetite for provocation that makes Marilyn Manson look like Stryper”.- VH1

Bomb threats. The Secret Service. Bush loving Patriot Goths. It’s a strange list, but all this is de rigueur for American goth legends, Christian Death. “Propaganda, rumours and lies…” says Christian Death bass player, Maitri have dogged their career, dividing some fans and galvanising many more.
Long time frontman/guitarist Valor, vocalist & bassist Maitri and percussionist Jason Frantz have special plans for the Christian Death tour of New Zealand and Australia , the first time they have played down-under in the almost thirty years since they first haunted the seedy bars and clubs of L.A’s death rock scene. Playing shows in Auckland and Wellington, this is a wet dream gig for many of New Zealand’s Goth and Dark Music fans.

“One of the top ten goth bands of all time” – Rolling Stone magazine

Date: Friday, August 20, 2010
Venue: Kings Arms Tavern –, 59 France Street South, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand
Time: 8:30pm
Entry: R18, tickets from Under The Radar, Moshtix and Real Groovy



CMO are extremely pleased to welcome long-time friends El Schlong back to New Zealand with a night of music and mayhem. El Schlong are fully wicked, if you don’t believe us that’s fine but it’s your loss if you miss this. And there will be a full set from Cripple as well with no gig the following night, so let’s get on it!

Check out this wicked video for El Schlong’s song “The Baddies Are Coming”:

Date: Saturday, August 21, 2010
Venue: The Dogs Bollix, Just a few steps down Newton Road from the corner of K’ Rd, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand
Time: 10pm start
Entry: R18, $5 door sales

• Gig with Mutangent and Dead Teach The Living
Just as Cripple were lined up to turn in for a winter of writing new material, Mutangent extended an invitation for a gig, and naturally we couldn’t resist:

Date: Friday, June 25, 2010
Venue: Kings Arms Tavern –, 59 France Street South, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand
Time: Doors 8pm
Entry: R18, $10 door charge

We’re really looking forward to playing with these two great bands, so come along for some good company and a mosh before we disappear until Spring (nearly).

Rest In Peace Shoki Kamishima, our lost brother, the pain is still fresh but we play to honour your memory bro!

The Return
• Gig News: Live Bar AKLD, 29 May 2010
Cripple Mr Onion and Revera bring the noise for the closing night of New Zealand Music Month at Live Bar, and it’s Live Bar’s 1st birthday celebration as well…
Be in to win an Ipod touch, bar tabs and other great prizes
Drink specials all night

Venue: Live Bar, 68 Hobson St, Auckland Central
Time: 8:00pm till 6am, bands from about 10pm
Entry: R18, $10 door charge

The Return
• Gen-XX at Transmission Room, April 17 2010 [Strict
APHASIAtainment, Riveting Promotions, Fiend Magazine and Riot Entertainment present:
Cripple Mr Onion
Skindependent (Chch.)
Eva Strangelove (Well.)
Miss Anthropy
DJ M3ntal D3cay

Saturday April 17th, 2010
The Transmission Room –
396 Queen Street, Corner Mayoral Drive, Auckland
Doors 9PM
Strictly R18
Tickets $46 + booking fee
Doorsales $50
Tickets from Real Groovy in Auckland & Wellington,, 0800 MOSHTIX, and Door sales.

Aphasia, Riveting, Fiend and Riot are proud to present the return of the head mistress of Fetish affair, Gen of THE GENITORTURERS, with her hard hitting Industrial side-project act GEN-XX. The difference from the Genitorturers you ask? It’s the same domineering Frontwoman, performing with her band stripped down, churning out a near identical set to that which the full genitorture contingent would’ve torn through your ears. Strictly R18, this will be one of the biggest Fetish events of the year mixing crushing beats with theatrical foreplay. Their tour downunder barely even fits in before the Genitorturers play at the biggest Industrial and Gothic event on Earth, the Wave Gotik Treffen… having already toured heavily in the US this year, including Gen singing onstage as part of COMBICHRIST after lending her vocals to the new album “Today we are all Demons”. Gen’s past tours have also seen her play alongside the all-so-familiar HANZEL UND GRETYL and with the likes of KMFDM, 16VOLT, MORTIIS & BELLA MORTE. This will be a must gig for fans of RAMMSTEIN, MINISTRY and SKINNY PUPPY.

This will be a massive event mixing Burlesque, Suspension and Metal acts from around the country with sexually charged Industrial. The night includes the extreme suspension artistry of SKINDEPENDENT (Chch.) after only just having had their wounds heal after their latest bout of Skinfarming down South. The world-renown Burlesque of EVA STRANGELOVE (Well.), who like Gen, has performed onstage with the likes of Combichrist. The fiery and stunning body paint artistry of MISS ANTHROPY. Opening for the Genitoruers is the continuing return of CRIPPLE MR ONION, back from time off spent rebuilding and grinding up the gear for another destructive crack at the New Zealand metal scene. Not to mention, this tour is also supported by Riot Entertainment, one of the main Metal distributors in Australia…

• Gig News: A New Chapter Begins
About time too. Here’s a couple of gig announcements:
Cripple Mr Onion – The Return – Friday March 5, 2010
with Initial and Naquadah

Join us to welcome our new bassist Daniel Hawkins to the tribe. Let’s have some massive noise to celebrate.

Venue: Live Bar, 68 Hobson St, Auckland Central
Time: From 8pm, bands start 9pm, headline act 11:30pm
Entry: R18, $10 door charge

BLACK FKN FRIDAY 2010 – Friday April 2, 2010
Welcome friends from the home ground. Auckland and Christchurch Metal unite, check out the line-up, this will be awesome!


$10 on the door.
This is the day after Origin, Decapitated, Psycroptic, Misery Index.

Venue: Transmission Room, Mayoral Drive, Auckland Central
Time: 8:30pm till 3am
Entry: R18, $10 door charge